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  • Any matter/claim/dispute arising out of the transaction will be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.
  • Any request for further services or Exchange/Buyback of the products or complaints should be accompanied with the original invoice/receipts and certificates.
  • If payment is made by local cheque or demand draft, delivery of the item purchased will be made only after realization of the instrument amount.
  • The Company can withdraw or alter jewels valley exchange/buyback policy without prior notice at any given time and the decision of jewels valley shall be final.

Jewellery sold by Jewels Valley can be exchanged at any retail partner showrooms for a product of the same value, If the jewellery to be exchanged fulfills the following conditions :

  • It is unused.
  • It is in the same condition in which it was sold.
  • It is returned within 48 hours from the time of purchase.
  • The product is not tampered with or altered.
  • If the customer exchanges the product for a lower value product, no refund on the difference amount shall be given. However if the customer exchanges the product for a higher value product, then the difference in the amounts shall be paid by the customer.

Upgradation Policy (On All Jewels Valley Diamond Studded/Platinum Jewellery Only)

Under this policy, the customer can exchange an existing jewels valley diamond studded gold jewellery/platinum jewellery at its 90% purchase value for a new jewels valley diamond studded gold jewellery/platinum jewellery which is priced 40% higher or more, by paying the difference value. This policy can be availed of strictly within 6 months of the original product’s invoice date.

Customer Order/Advance

The customer can freeze gold rate at the time of placing order by paying 90% advance for jewellery & 100% advance for coins/Bars. In this case gold rate applicable on purchase will be jewels valley's prevailing rate at the time of the advance payment. The customer shall collect the product within 30 days from the date of intimation. The customer may place an order without freezing the gold rate for anyproduct on a minimum payment of 25 % of the product value.

Exchange/Buyback Policy.

  • We will be happy to accept jewels valley jewellery sold through any Retail partner store, as per jewels valley prevailing terms and conditions of our Exchange/Buyback policy, which is at the sole discretion of the Company.
  • Jewels Valley will accept jewellery under the exchange/buyback policy after due examination for weight of product and authenticity as an jewels valley product, identification of damage or stone defects (crack, replacement and alterations) etc.
  • At the time of exchange/buyback of jewellery purchased from our store, we will value the piece on the terms and conditions of the company as follows :
    1. Non-studded Platinum products will be exchanged at jewels valley’s prevailing Platinum rate and buyback at 5% less of the net weight of Platinum.
    2. Diamond studded : The customer will be entitled to exchange the original product at 90% of the jewels valley Indexation Rate for diamonds, along with jewels valley’s prevailing Gold/Platinum rate, subject to deductions for labour charges and colour stone value will be at 50% of the invoice price.
    3. In case of buyback, the customer will be entitled to get jewels valley’s prevailing rate, subject to an additional deduction of 10% on diamond value and 5% on Gold/Platinum value and colour stone value will be at 50% of the invoice price.
    1. Jewels Valley Solitaires will be exchanged at 100% of the Jewels Valley Indexation Rate for solitaires and buyback at 90% of the Jewels Valley Indexation Rate for solitaires.
    2. Jewels Valley Polkhi / Uncut Diamond jewellery products will be exchanged at 85% of the Jewels Valley Indexation Rate for Polkhi / uncut diamonds along with jewels valley’s prevailing gold rate, subject to deductions for labour charges / colour stones .In case of Buyback, the customer will be entitled to get 5% less than the exchange value.
    3. Jewels valley 24kt gold coins / Bars will be exchanged at Jewels Valley's prevailing gold rate and buyback at 3% less of the net weight of gold.
    4. Jewels Valley 22kt plain gold jewellery will be exchanged at Jewels Valley’s prevailing gold rate and buyback at 5% less of the net weight of gold.
    5. Jewels Valley 18kt gold jewellery will be exchanged at Jewels Valley’s prevailing gold rate and buyback at 8% less of the net weight of gold.
    6. Silver Coins / bars will be exchanged at Jewels Valley’s prevailing silver rate and buyback at 5% less of the net weight of silver.
    7. Silver Jewellery – There is no Exchange or Buyback available for Jewels Valley’s Silver Jewellery.
  • While normal wear and tear is to be expected, suitable deductions are applicable, which shall be upto 100% for excessive wear and tear, damage, or stone defects (crack, replacement, alterations and loss of bill and certificate) etc.
  • All products covered under the Exchange / Buyback and upgrade policy will be eligible for such Exchange / Buyback and upgrade only after the approval of the quality check department at the Head Office.
  • The weight of the gold will be net of all pearl, stones, lac, dust, dirt and any other extraneous material.
  • Free Gift/Discount issued during the original sale, will be deducted at the time of buyback/exchange at Invoice value.
  • None of the products can be exchanged for gold/silver coins/bars.
  • Credit card charges to be deducted over and above the buyback deductions, on the overall value as per company policy.
  • All buyback valuation will be exclusive of GST Tax. Payment on buyback or any refunds will be made compulsory by Cheque only, within 10 working days.
  • Specific Collection/Designs are not subject to above exchange and buyback policies. They are the sole discretion of the company.

Gold/Diamond Weight Variance

The gold/diamond weight mentioned on the website for jewellery and mounts are estimated only and may vary upon manufacture of the product. In case, the customer receives a product of lesser gold/diamond weight than the value paid for, the Seller will refund such differential amount to the Customer. If the actual gold/diamond weight used is more than mentioned on the website, the Customer shall pay the differential amount to Jewels valley before the order is dispatched. Please note that for the "Designer Jewellery" category, prices and details mentioned are estimates only, the actual may vary and the same will be communicated to the Buyer.

At jewels valley, we make every attempt to ensure that our online catalog is as accurate and complete as possible. In order to give you the opportunity to view our products in great detail, some products may appear larger or smaller than their actual size in our photographs; and since every computer monitor is set differently, color and size may vary slightly.

Slight tolerances may be accounted for based on finishing during the manufacturin on the Site, we may provide the measurement of our products based on our manufacturing.

15 Day Exchange and Money Back Policy

Jewels Valley offers a hassle-free 15day exchange and money back policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, we will happily provide you with a 100% Exchange or refund on the Invoice value. You can return any of our products except for Non Exchangeable products and Gold Coins within 30 days of receiving the product. We offer FREE return shipping within the 15 day exchange Policy. The value of the product being returned should not exceed Rs.1,00,000/- in case of Jewellery and Rs.3,00,000/- in case of Temple Jewellery and Solitaires


At the time of placing the order, the Customer shall state the full name of the recipient as stated in his/her(recipient) government approved photo identification. At the point of delivery the recipient shall collect the product, by furnishing any one of the following government approved photo identification card :

  • Ration Card (should be issued in the name of the Member/Recipient)
  • Drivers License; Permanent Account Number(PAN) card;
  • Voters Identification card or Passport

To ensure safe and secure delivery of the package the details of the government photo identification will be noted. The recipient of the package must cooperate with the courier agent by providing required and valid copies of his/her government approved photo identification.

In case the Customer wants any other person to receive the delivery on his behalf he/she needs to specify details of the same at the point of ordering. All items shall be delivered directly to such person and under any circumstances whatsoever, the Customer cannot change the recipient details after the order is processed.

Recipient accepting delivery should carefully examine the package delivered and shall not accept deliveries where the packaging has been tampered with. They shall not accept deliveries, where they find that the box is empty or the contents are damaged or the contents are not in accordance to the order placed.

The recipient, upon signing the delivery receipt, acknowledges the receipt of the product in terms of the order placed with the Company. The Company is not liable to the Customer/recipient for any refund/replacement, under any circumstance, for any subsequent complaints with respect to such deliveries.

If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the Company/Courier agent shall try and deliver the item twice before returning the same to Jewels valley. All costs for re-shipment and handling in the case of non-delivery to Sarvada Jewels shall be chargeable to the Customer.

Guarantee for delivery made by the Company is subject to terms and conditions of the courier company. Any inconsistency/errors in name or address will result in non delivery of the product.


Only transit insurance shall be provided by Jewels valley and it shall be valid only upto the time of acceptance of delivery.